Absolutely no title

I was feeling awful because yes the virus is here but what comes next scares me more. How will we be after these historical events? Will we drastically dive into the dystopias we were meant to meet later? Or will we be more aware of what kindness and caring can do in this world, to us? Will the view and priorities of greedy politicians, aka business people  change now that they realize that death always walks around them and not only their neighbors? That their capital is people? Will we finally put humans and other beings first instead of money?

Death threats, money flows. HA !

Or will everything positively change? I do not want to be bitter..HA! AGAIN. I really want to be surprised with this. I’m bitter but there is still a part of me that believes, I hope. What’s certain here is that the world we have lived in until 3 weeks ago, will never be the same again.

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