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OK, I send this to the void of the Internet because I am so lost about how I feel about crowdfunding.

I met with my team this week-end, and they are so up for it. What has to be highlighted is that none of them are pros in the music industry yet they are still really skilled. What I mean by this is that they and I have a lack of reality regarding this industry.

If I had listened to them few years ago, I would have probably ended up in The Voice, which is kind of shite. So this is why I don’t know what to think about this.

About crowdfunding :

I feel like a prostitute asking for money.

Added to that : do you know ONE famous artist who used crowdfunding? I mean, an artist you still hear about.

I don’t know something isn’t right about this. I feel it in my guts.

I need inputs from anyone out there who falls on this article. Would you be up for or against it? And obviously please, give your reasons.

Love you, thanks


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