23 February 2020

I’ve been feeling great lately : 2020 sounds awesome. I feel like something great is going to happen and something aweful as well.

So I’ve been feeling great yeah. But now I feel terrible. It’s like both. Like even though I have all those projects going on, and have friends who actually use one day of their week every single weeks to make my project bigger, today some small thing happened and unveiled the shit I haven’t taken care off.

I though seriously think that it’ll always be inside of me.

My father keeps on asking me what’s been going on with me lately but I know that if I talk to him it’s gonna be worse, because he’s one of the main cause of my “not-so-well-being”.

My father? Yes, I went back to Paris by the way.. I have to say, I seriously can’t stand this country and its people except my friends. The mentality is just so negatively conservative. Anything different is called “shit” here. And the problem is that I’ll have to start gigging in France. But French people are so not ready for the kind of music I make. I feel like it’s gonna be useless. Also I write in English because that’s what I do, but they’re all like “ooohlala, why don’t you write in French?” and all.

Whatever. I just put this out there without knowing why. Hopefully someone will find this and identify.

But I should highlight the good. I went back to Budapest(Hungary) for 2 days to mix the songs but failed at it, so I’ll have to go back.

My group of friends and I meet every Sundays to organize a big plan for my music. It’s a blessing to have people who believe so much in your project that they use their time and energy on it..

Paris, 9th February 2020

And that’s 2 weeks ago : we shot a videoclip that I have to re-shoot and edit (yes it’s me in the middle, down there).

Oh well.. My thoughts aren’t clear, so I’ll have to come back and write.

What about you, reader? How are you feeling?

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