The diary #1

I have often heard about the benefits of writing daily words about our journey but never took it seriously. So here I am now, trying.

Today, I am 23 years old. I woke up in a friend’s bed, inside of his arms. I wondered if sleeping together would cause damages to our friendship again, and concluded it certainly will. Then I went back to my hometown, through a 150 minutes journey of transports. I stopped at a friend for an hour then had to go to friends for dinner and so buy groceries. At the till, a 18 years-old girl called me “Ma’am”. I almost screamed at her “Don’t you fucking dare calling me that! We’re the same age” but I stayed silent.

Once I got to my friend, I was seriously happy about finding them again, but one of them was avoiding me. And knowing the boy, it’s because I don’t send him texts as much as I used to, so he made my entire evening weird even though he gave me a gift from everyone sitting at the table for my birthday. The rest of the night was cool except the gossiping. I can’t stand the gossiping. And the night was all about it.

Those people are people I really like but I don’t think staying with them is good. They’re the kind of people you shouldnt tell too much stuff.

The gossiping…

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